About Us

A Pan – African Renewable Energy Independent Power Producer (IPP)

We are a passionate team of energy professionals with a sole purpose and drive to produce reliable, retrofittable, cost-effective, dependable, clean energy that can be stored and backed up. We have designed and delivered both Solar Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal solutions for residential, commercial and large utility systems.

Who We Are

Welcome to SunElex Group (Pty) Ltd, a proudly South African company that is majority owned and controlled by black shareholders. We are driven by a key objective: to address Africa’s socio-economic challenges through a combination of innovation and sustainable partnerships. At SunElex, we believe in the power of renewable energy to transform lives, empower communities, and drive economic growth. Through our commitment to innovation and collaboration, we are dedicated to finding creative solutions that meet the unique needs of Africa’s diverse landscape. With a focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship, we strive to create lasting positive impacts while fostering mutually beneficial partnerships. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and engaging in meaningful collaborations, we aim to unlock the full potential of renewable energy for the betterment of Africa and its people.

Our Mission

Our mission at SunElex Group is to bridge the power generation deficit in Africa by providing cost-effective renewable energy solutions. We are committed to delivering sustainable and affordable electricity to meet the growing energy needs of the continent. We aim to develop renewable energy projects.

Addressing the power deficit and also contributing to the overall socio-economic development of African communities. By harnessing the abundant renewable resources available, we strive to create a reliable and clean energy infrastructure that powers industries, homes, and institutions.

Our Vision

Our vision at SunElex Group is to become a renowned and leading developer and operator of renewable energy solutions across the African continent. We aspire to be recognised for our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge power generation assets that harness the abundant renewable resources found throughout Africa.

By leveraging our expertise and embracing innovative technologies, we aim to be at the forefront of the renewable energy sector, driving the transition towards a sustainable energy future. Our vision is to contribute significantly to the continent’s energy landscape by providing reliable, clean, and affordable power to communities and industries alike.

Our Values

At SunElex Group, our ethos is built upon a foundation of ethical conduct, unwavering reliability, a commitment to excellence, integrity, and a relentless pursuit of innovation. These core values guide every aspect of our operations and shape our interactions with stakeholders, employees, and the communities we serve.


We prioritise ethical business practices, ensuring transparency, fairness, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, and respect for the environment and local communities.


We understand the critical importance of reliable energy solutions. We strive to consistently deliver on our promises, providing dependable and uninterrupted power generation that meets the needs of our customers and partners.


We are dedicated to achieving excellence in all that we do. Through rigorous standards, meticulous planning, and diligent execution, we strive for operational excellence, project efficiency, and the highest quality outcomes.


Integrity is the cornerstone of our interactions. We foster an environment of trust, maintaining ethical standards, and acting with honesty and accountability. Honouring commitments, building enduring relationships based on mutual respect.


We embrace innovation as a catalyst for positive change by leveraging the latest technologies, creative thinking, and industry expertise. We drive advancements in renewable energy solutions and continuously seek new ways to improve efficiency.

Company History

2013 SunElex Energy

SunElex Energy is a South African Independent Power Producer (IPP) based in Johannesburg, developing innovative energy projects across the nation to help the rapidly evolving electricity sector grow and act as a solution to its current energy crisis.

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2015 SunElex Foundation

SunElex Foundation was established to create an ongoing sustainable and positive legacy in our societies. Promoting sustainable social action and developing local projects to support our communities to access essential services while responding to global challenges.

2016 Clean Energy Xchange

Clean Energy Xchange primarily focuses on virtual energy sales, with real-time access to energy markets, advanced analytics, and efficient, transparent, and sustainable solutions. It meets the needs of its customers, enabling them to trade energy quickly and confidently.

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2020 Sun Connex

Sun Connex is a Research and Development (R&D) business aiming to design, manufacture and commercialise an original and unique SunElex product to improve existing processes, increasing efficiency and positively impacting performance.

2020 Capitevo Invest

Capitevo Invest is an asset management and Operation and Maintenance (O&M) company for all projects owned and controlled by SunElex Energy and San H2 Energy. It oversees and manages all asset administration and financial and operational performance.

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2022 SAN H2 Energy

San H2 Energy's primary business focus lies in developing green hydrogen production facilities at strategic locations and its uses to reduce the carbon footprint of the industrial and transport sectors to achieve carbon-neutral status.


At the core corporate management of SunElex's corporate strategy is sustainability. Compromising the three economic, environmental and social pillars, SunElex aligned its corporate strategy with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The sustainable development goal number 7, Affordable and Clean Energy, provide SunElex with an outstanding framework as a starting point for its corporate strategy to solve the energy trilemma: clean, affordable for everyone (equitable), and reliable. Expanding to the other goals, SunElex takes action with the other objectives to support the communities in which it works. As a critical player in the South African energy industry, it contributes to the sustainable development of the communities in which it operates.nce.